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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Aug 28, 2019

“My life was burning down, so it wasn’t like I just want to make life a little better,” says today’s guest Dr. Jeff Buske. While from the outside his life looked successful, Dr. Buske’s life was spiraling out of control. In his own words, he was angry, fearful, frustrated, angry, desperate, and filled with guilt and shame. Then he discovered a secret, he was the hero he was looking for. With his life now not just in balance but thriving, Dr. Buske joins Chad to discuss how he got his life as a practice owner back under control and:

  • What responsibility, integrity, and ownership have to do with balance
  • His goal of eradicating depression, scarcity, and suicide in the dental industry (and how increased productivity and power are the result)
  • The questions to ask yourself every 90 days to get yourself to where you want to go