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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

“What’s healthy, what’s not healthy, when I see this, I do this - that’s the key to good risk factor protocol: everybody on the team knows,” says today’s guest Patti Sooy, RDH, BS. With 30+ years’ experience in clinical, restorative, laser, practice management, hygiene, and business development, Patti is currently the Vice President of Business Development Coaching at Productive Dentist Academy. A highly successful business coach, Patti has helped her client dentists grow over $60,000,000 in production in the past 9 years. Today, Patti joins Vicki and Chad to talk about:

  • Why educating patients on risk factors is key to elevating your standard of care
  • Tips and best practices for simplifying team training in risk factors (The ABC’s of Risk)
  • The importance of the dental team in supporting patient health with risk factor discussions

To learn more about case acceptance and incorporating risk factors, contact Patti at