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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

May 22, 2019

“When Rob came on board, his strengths complimented my weaknesses,” says one of today’s guests Dr. Jack Stephens who is joined on the podcast by his practice partner, Dr. Robert Gatewood. With a 20 year partnership under their belts, these doctors know how to work successfully with each other. However, in 2017, they saw their partnership tested when their practice was devastated by a hurricane. How can a dental office – and a partnership – survive an upheaval like this? Listen in as Vicki and Chad chat with Stephens and Gatewood about building a successful partnership which includes discussions on:

  • Openness and sharing in a new partnership
  • Best practices for of a long-term partnership that grows the practice year after year
  • How to successfully weather the storms that life throws at you