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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Dec 12, 2019

“I got tied in with a nation-wide DSO and pretty much signed my life away and they came in and did nothing but wreak havok in my practice,” says Dr. Bruce Herr. While he was able to successfully exit his contract, Dr. Herr realizes that is isn’t always the case with his fellow dentists. Given his experience, Dr. Herr was disturbed by the problems DSOs create in practices so early in 2019, he sold his highly successful scratch-start practice to pursue other goals. Passionate about educating other dentists in CEREC and other technologies to help them keep their independent practices thriving, Dr. Herr joins Dr. Chad Johnson and Regan Robertson to discuss:

  • Red flags to look for in DSO contracts
  • The concept of dentist-run DSO-style organizations (and other ways dentists can keep control of dentistry)
  • Tidbits for hiring an awesome team