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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Dec 25, 2018

Today’s guest, Dr. Joe Valenzi, practiced for 38 years before selling his practice and retiring. A wealth of knowledge and insight, Dr. Valenzi had an impressive career which included teaching at Yale, accumulating over 2,600 CE credit hours and owning practices in Connecticut and Florida. Happily retired, Dr. Valenzi now spends his days riding his bike and spending time with his family. In today’s episode, Vicki, Chad, and Dr. Valenzi discuss:

  • How the stresses of dentistry - time pressure, patient expectations, interruptions, and business concerns - are brutal on a dentist’s body and mind and how to prevent physical and mental burnout.
  • Surrounding yourself by excellence and the difference between teaching and delegation.
  • Retirement plans: how to think about retirement, what to look at, and having the right mindset at the right time.