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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

May 29, 2024

“Pursue the rich life. Pursue what you actually want and create an image of what that looks like for you.” ~ Matt Mulcock

Today we’re joined by Matt Mulcock from Dentist Advisors joining us to talk about the Dentist Money Summit happening June 21-22, 2024, in Park City, Utah. This isn’t your typical financial event—it’s all about helping dentists align their money strategies with what truly matters to them. 

Matt is (understandably) super excited about this first-ever summit, which is set in the beautiful summer landscape of Park City. It's a family-friendly event with fun activities like mountain biking and golfing. But it’s not all fun and games—you’ll hear from amazing speakers like Victoria Peterson (we know her!), Kira Dent, Dr. Ashley Jovez, and Dr. Daniel Crosby. 

The big takeaway? Understand your financial goals and make sure they match your personal values for true fulfillment.


As you listen to this episode, think about:

  • How am I aligning my financial goals with my personal values?

  • What steps can I take to ensure a better work-life balance?

  • What does a rich life look like for me, and how can I achieve it beyond financial wealth?