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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

“Even though we've had the technology for ten years, patients still walk in amazed that we can do crowns in one day,” says today’s guest Dr. Ben Jump. “It’s fun to say, you know, we’ve been doing it this way for ten years.” As President of Moundbuilders General Dentistry and a practicing doctor, Dr. Jump trains dentist all over the world in CAD/CAM dentistry and 3D Cone Beam Radiology. He has a unique way of engaging patients through featuring his technology. So today he joins Chad and guest co-host, PDA’s President and CMO Regan Robertson, for a talk about:  

  • The productivity of 3-D printing vs milling
  • Getting patient buy in by showcasing the technologies in the office (including a very cool featured in-office display that makes Chad jealous)
  • How technology can inspire dentists to be better