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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Jun 19, 2019

“The dentist made me feel like a person,” says today’s guest, Nicole Marquez about her unique experience at her dentist’s office. “That meant so much to me because I didn’t want to stand out.” Why was this so important? Because Nicole was recovering from a life-altering accident. Since she was a little girl, Nicole had always loved the creative arts and performing and had great plans to be an actor and a dancer when she moved to New York. However, in 2008, Nicole’s story took a twist when she fell 6 stories from the roof of her apartment building and suffered catastrophic injuries. Today, Nicole joins Vicki and Chad for a conversation about:

  • How her dentist and his team made her feel welcome, comfortable, and important during her recovery. (And how to treat patients with disabilities.)
  • Productivity through patient care: focus, compassion, and being present with the patient.
  • Why not having a good day is OK.

To learn more about Nicole and how she overcame despair and hopelessness, visit