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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

“I’m shocked when patients come in and have been through the mill and spent a ton of money on their teeth and they talk about how bad their previous dentist made them feel. I always wonder what purpose is served by dentists making the patient feel bad about themselves,” says one of today’s guests Dr. Jeff Mader. Dr. Mader along with his good friend, PDA Faculty Member Dr. Pete Thompson, are joining forces to embark on a new podcast venture, The Dynamic Dental Duo, which they plan to launch later this year. In the meantime, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Mader join Vicki and Chad today for a powerhouse conversation about what they’ve learned in their combined 45+ years-experience on topics including:

  • Unique tips for risk factor discussions
  • Validating the patient and building trust by supporting other dentists’ work
  • Balancing out a practice with young and experienced team members
  • The realities and benefits of marketing a dental practice