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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

“The idea of a budget isn’t to tell you where not to pay yourself, it’s telling your money where to go.” Dr. Maxwell Thaney bought his first practice in 2010, and four years later he had doubled his practice and was set to integrate other practices and grow even more. His practice was doing amazing things! But as he was looking at his P&L he had no idea where his money was going. When he took a closer look at everything, including what he was paying himself, he wasn’t impressed. So, he joined forces with Productive Dentist Academy and dove deeper into his finances. Join Vicki, Chad, and Dr. Thaney for a discussion on practical, applicable budget practices that include:

  • Key features of a budget
  • Bank accounts – how many and why?
  • How to manage debt – school debt, stressful debt, good debt, and more