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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Feb 27, 2019

“If you’re born with talent you’ll rarely make a great teacher or leader because you’ll be frustrated that people aren’t getting it,” says today’s guest Dr. Michael Di Tolla. In private practice for 15 years before joining Glidewell Labs as their Director of Clinical Education, Dr. Di Tolla has an intimate knowledge of American dentists and their crown and bridge habits. In 2011 was voted the "Most Effective Dentist Educator" in a nationwide survey of dentists, and he currently works with AEGIS Dental Network as their VP of Clinical Affairs and Communication. In today’s episode, Vicki, Chad, and Dr. Di Tolla discuss:

  • The secret all good leaders and great lecturers know
  • The one piece of advice Dr. Di Tolla gives to cosmetic dentists (and his thoughts of at-home orthodontics)
  • Getting dumped because of palatal tori