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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

Jul 10, 2019

“It’s hard to recover from bad days, so we want every day to be set up for success so we can kill it every day,” says Sommer Carrol. One of the top producing dental assistants in the country, Sommer has worked with Dr. Baird as his assistant for 15+ years and serves as a coach for assistants through Productive Dentist Academy. With consistent $300 per hour growth, Sommer knows the ins and outs of operating a highly productive dental office. But, as Sommer says, “We didn’t get to be the way we are through osmosis.” Join in to hear more about:

  • What makes a great dental team and how everyone can set each other up for success
  • Color coding providers and assistants to ensure ownership to ensure all patients have an exceptional experience
  • Creating patient note profiles for exceptional patient care
  • How the assisting team and doctor work together at Granbury to bring excellence to the office and patients